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The grounds at our retreat center are a colorful garden of ancient trees, medicinal plants, fruit trees, flowers and animals of Costa Rica. Meandering pathways through the garden create a sense of expansiveness while remaining close to the common spaces. Various gathering sites are dispersed throughout that promote peaceful experiences connected with nature. The song of the forest is a chorus of wildlife that creates an experience of astounding mental clarity and calm presence at our healing center. Our grounds are truly a tangible discovery of the pulsing magic of life.

Healing Center Tropical Garden Flowers

Pristine Beauty 

A bounty of flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds, rainbows and light rays and pouring through lush forest. The beauty of this land is astonishing. Walking through the garden paths, you will enter into a real-life wonderland.

Our River

Rio Naranjo is one of the cleanest rivers left on earth. Our sanctuary is nestled right on the banks of this enchanting body of water. The presence of the river emphasizes a deeper experience of healing and connection through the land.

Healing Center's River Sunset
Wellness Center Morpho


The magnificently beautiful creatures of the forest live in abundance throughout our garden. Large butterflies, hummingbirds, monkeys, iguanas and tropical birds of all kinds thrive on these lands.

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