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Holistic Healing & Retreat Center


Sanctuary for Holistic Healing and Re-Connecting with Nature



Our mission is to provide holistic healing, recovery and integration programs that help people re-connect with nature and conserve the rainforest. We do this through our partnerships with organizations that develop holistic health and recovery programs, and rainforest conservation projects.


Our sanctuary is located on the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica.We are seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo, and are surrounded by over 7,500 acres of rainforest that our partners and founders, Eco Era, have protected since 1991. 

Our team is comprised of leaders in the fields of holistic healthcare, spiritual practice, environmental conservation and social services. We engage in reciprocity to indigenous cultures, particularly the Kamensta region of Colombia from where our plant medicine practices originate. We also support veterans, first responders and Wildland firefighters. 

Posada Natura is an expansive, multi-faceted space, integrated into nature and deeply supportive to people of many backgrounds and needs. Our space provides a container to connect people to the rejuvenating power of an ancient rainforest, and wholesome healing experiences. We strive to create harmonious balance between humans and earth through sustainable practices, conservation and connection to nature.


Working with us directly supports causes much greater than just ourselves. 



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