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Where Human Transformation Meets Rainforest Conservation


We are a retreat center in Costa Rica with a mission to provide holistic healing, recovery and integration programs that help people re-connect with nature and conserve the rainforest.


By co-stewarding the 7,500 acres of primary rainforest behind our retreat center, we are working to create harmonious relationships between humans and our earth by connecting participants to our rainforest during retreats. Our profits immediately and directly support our conservation lands.

Healing Center
Retreat Center


We are located on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Cerro Nara watershed. We are seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo, and are surrounded by over 7,500 acres of primary rainforest that our operating non-profit, Eco Era, has protected since 1991.

Posada Natura creates a container to connect people to the rejuvenating power of an ancient rainforest and wholesome healing experiences. Our sanctuary is an expansive, multi-faceted space that is integrated into nature and deeply supportive to people of many backgrounds and needs.

An Experience
 Beyond Worlds

"Beyond my wildest dreams. I got more than I ever expected."

-Maricar M.

"I felt overwhelming love and compassion in every ceremony, and an incredible amount of safety."

-Michaela M.

"The most incredible 4 or 5 days I have ever had."

"There is a better place, and it's within you, it's not external. It takes work, but you can find it."

-Adam B.

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Posada Natura is operated by Eco Era, a U.S.-based non-profit (501c3). Established to protect & steward 7,500 acres of primary rainforest, adjacent to the retreat center, Eco Era and Posada Natura together provide opportunities for humans to heal through reconnection with nature.  

Located in the Cero Nara region of Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth, our bit of rainforest is part of a corridor that stretches unbroken from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea.

When you join us, you become part of an ever-growing family of Eco Era Rainforest Guardians.

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