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Rainforest Conservation


Join An Expertly Led Plant Medicine Retreat
To Heal in the Heart of
the Ancient Rainforest

7 Days In Our Costa Rican Rainforest Sanctuary


To Receive Authentic Healing Through The Power of Amazonian Plant Medicine (2 Ceremonies)


With Nature, Community & Structured Integration

Multiple 2024 Dates Available

COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute Discovery Call


August 12-18, 2024

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A Few Words Describing An Experience
Beyond Worlds

"Beyond my wildest dreams. I got more than I ever expected."

-Maricar M.

"I felt overwhelming love and compassion in every ceremony, and an incredible amount of safety."

-Michaela M.

"The most incredible 4 or 5 days I have ever had."

"There is a better place, and it's within you, it's not external. It takes work, but you can find it."

-Adam B.

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Your Journey Towards Healing
What To Expect

7 Days In Our Rainforest Sanctuary

Posada Natura rests on the banks of the Naranjo river, 45 minutes inland from Costa Rica's most popular destination, the beach and National Park at Manuel Antonio.


Operated by Eco Era, our non-profit 501c3, which stewards 7,500 acres of protected Costa Rican primary rainforest:

  • One of the most pristine watersheds in the world;

  • One of the most biodiverse regions in the world.



4 hectares of garden paths under our riverfront rainforest canopy.


Group excursions through pristine rainforest to swimming holes and our 200ft waterfall.


Trip to nearby Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica's most popular destination.

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2 Plant Medicine Ceremonies Plus Multi-modal Integration

Our facilitators have over 20 years of experience, and are affiliated with Colombian indigenous lineage, and have advisors from leading psychedelic research centers in the U.S.

  • 3 or more individual counseling sessions provide highly individualized support.


  • Group integration circles create a deep sense of community and connection.


  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions plus optional bodywork integrate body, mind, soul & spirit.



Delicious farm-to-table, nutrition focused meals served family-style nourish body and soul alike.

Vegetarian & vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free & dairy-free options are offered.


Focus On Integration

Integration is the process through which plant medicine healing takes permanent root in the psyche. As such, proper integration is essential to weave deep healing into our day-to-day experience.


Our integration framework identifies themes present in the ceremony experience, decoding content to understand deeper motivations, and implementing concrete practices to establish healthy new patterns.


Our model draws from indigenous traditions, as well as psychological understandings of the western psyche.



We know that deep sleep is essential to health & well-being.


The sounds of Posada Natura... the rush of our river, the cicadas, the birds, the rain, all of it combine into a delightfully soothing chorus that very likely will afford you the deepest sleep of your life.

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A Riverfront Retreat Under the
Rainforest Canopy

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A Natural Sanctuary

Expansive gathering spaces, ceremonial temple, multiple practice areas, lounges and dining hall, and a freshwater pool are woven into lush tropical gardens along the river. 

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Harmonized Accommodations

Built with stone, wood, and bamboo from our land, our accomodations achieve the perfect balance between luxury and rustic, harmonizing with our land and creating a deeper experience of immersion into nature.​ 

Conscious Cooking

Local, organic farm to table cuisine! Nutritious, wholesome meals served each day. Seasonal fruits, herbs and roots from our garden, handmade tortillas, fresh home-made coconut milk, eggs from our chickens, and food from our farm.

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Sacred Grounds

Our grounds are a rainforest garden of ancient trees, medicinal plants, fruit trees, flowers and animals of Costa Rica. Meandering pathways through the garden create a sense of expansiveness while remaining close to the common spaces. Various gathering sites are dispersed throughout that promote peaceful experiences connected with nature. The chorus of wildlife is cleansing to the spirit and creates a feeling of deep peace - a tangible discovery of the pulsing magic of life.

Nature Immersions

Part of the retreat involves immersive experiences in nature, hiking, swimming and meditating in the pristine rainforest and watershed. Each experience at Posada Natura is woven into our 7,500-acre rainforest conservation lands.  The state of being connected with nature quiets the mind and significantly improves our mental health. Human beings have an innate ability to harmonize in nature, as nature is the source our very existence.

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Core Elements of Our Program

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Traditionally Trained Facilitators

Our plant medicine programs are led by highly skilled and experienced ceremony leaders with a minimum of 15 years of experience. We draw from diverse backgrounds and expertise and are grounded in traditional indigenous lineage training and practice with plant medicine. You will be held with great care throughout the entire process of your journey with us. 

Focus on Integration

Integration is an essential component of this retreat. We believe that the true benefit of attending this type of retreat happens afterward- when you are able to integrate the teachings from the ceremonies into your daily life, create more harmony with all your relations, and be of greater service to your community.


A Wholesome Container

Each group is capped at 16 participants, with exclusive use of the retreat center for the duration of the program. The communal experience at Posada Natura creates a sense of family and safety for each participant. The land and space is a true sanctuary in nature that supports a container for deep inquiry and reflection.

Immersion With Nature

Our retreat center is nestled in lush rainforest, alongside a bounding river. At our backdoor is 7,500 acres of rainforest that Posada Natura's partners, Eco Era, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has been protecting for 30 years. The ceremony work is uniquely supported by the healing pulse of the land and the symphony of the rainforest.


Holistic Offerings

Meditation, yoga, guided ritual &
spiritual practices are included in the retreat. Bodywork is available upon request. Designated periods of sacred silence and reflection are intersperesed throughout the week. 

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Ethics of Reciprocity & Access

We are committed to engaging in indigenous reciprocity. As an organization we support the roots of where our founding lineage originates in Sibundoy, Colombia. We also have a scholarship initiative to increase access to our programs. By attending a CSN retreat at Posada Natura, you are supporting causes beyond yourself. 

About Circle of Sacred Nature

We are a 501(c)(3) church in the United States and we consider this retreat a sincere expression of religious and spiritual practice. We welcome people of all orientations and faith backgrounds. Our mission is rooted in celebrating the interconnection of nature, indigenous wisdom, spirituality, and wellness. .

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Based In Tradition & Backed By Science

Scientific research has shown that plant medicine helps well-being in many ways.

Deepen Your Relationship to Self

Increased self-knowledge. Motivated to care for yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


Enhance Your Relationship With Others

Greater empathy and love for others, overcome triggers, and
improved relationships.


Shift Your Relationship With The World

Enhanced clarity of your purpose in the world. A sense that all things
are connected.


Sustain Your Sense Of Well-Being

Improved cognition, mood, behavior, and consciousness. Helps to overcome past trauma and create a lasting sense mental harmony.


Promote Positive Mental Health

Helps shift mental attitude. Useful for treating various emotional issues and unhealthy mental patterns.


Open New Neural Pathways

Helps open new neural pathways, helping to break old habits and establish new, healthy patterns.

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More Shared Experiences

"It was very embodied experience, which was empowering... and did a lot to show me my innate knowledge and abilities... and feel them to be true.... Being shown that there is a lot of love surrounding me but that I have so much in me is exactly what I needed. Posada is so obviously special... These people are very trustworthy, I trust them 100%."

-Grace P.

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Experienced Facilitators Hold
A Safe Container


Celina De Leon

Celina is the founder and director of Circle of Sacred Nature 501(c)3 church. Her training as a ceremony facilitator draws upon 20 years of experience with Amazonian plant medicine and a foundation in yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. As an apprentice of Taita Juan Agreda Chindoy from the Kamentsa indigenous community of the Putumayo region of Colombia, her ceremonial practice is grounded in a traditional lineage and amidst that she leads with a very feminine approach. She is also a Stanford grad, a Fulbright scholar, has a Masters in Divinity from the Graduate Theological Union, and has received professional training in spiritual care through the art of chaplaincy. Her greatest inspiration and influence comes from being the mother of her three children.

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Erika Salazar

Erika Salazar is a Colombian woman of indigenous ancestry and custodian of the healing altar of the Amazonian Kamentsa Nation. She has over 17 years of experience working with Plant Medicines and Healing Arts under the tutelage of traditional medicine man Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy. The ancient traditional ceremony passed on to her is solely dedicated to the healing of body, mind, and soul. Erika is also a professional medical herbalist in the vitalist tradition with the NAIHM. She is the mother of two children and a minister of the Circle of Sacred Nature 501(c)3 church.


Kopali Serna

Kopal is an indigenous Mexican healing practitioner, artist, and scholar who holds a Masters in Ayurveda with a focus in Satvavajaya, Ayurvedic psychology. Kopali has been an apprentice in the lineage of Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy of Sibundoy, Putumayo since 2009. Her years of study fill her with a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility for our Mother Earth and the indigenous lineages of ceremonial plant use. Kopali also brings over 15 years of experience in community activism and social justice movements. Her ongoing interdisciplinary study in these fields and healing traditions help shape and inform her practice to be holistic, integrative, grounded in our changing world’s reality, and in service to your spirit and wellbeing.

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Accommodations & Pricing

Cabin interior2.jpg

Private Studio

Queen Bed

Private studio with queen bed. Private bathroom.



Private Room

Queen Bed

Private room with queen bed and balcany in a shared cabana.
Shared bathroom.



Private Room

Single or King Bed

Private room with single bed in a shared cabana.
Shared bathroom.



Shared Room

Single Bed

Single bed in room shared with 1 other person. Shared bathroom.


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The Food We Serve

Our locally farmed food prepared by local chefs, served family-style
nourishes body and soul.

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  • Where is Posada Natura located?
    We are located in a small town called Londres, 20 minutes from Quepos/Manuel Antonio Beach. This is 3 hours by ground from San Jose or 20 minutes by air. Find us on Google Maps
  • What airport do I fly into?
    Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO)
  • How do I get from the airport to Posada Natura?
    You can get to Posada Natura by ground or by air. Taxi: A taxi will cost $150. If you like, we can arrange for one of our trusted Taxi drivers to pick you up. The drive will take anywhere from 2.5-4 hours depending on traffic. Rental Car: If you choose to rent a car, we recommend that you do it online ahead of time. Also it’s a good idea to call your credit card company and have them send you a copy of the Damage & Collision waiver. This will wave the extra insurance fee that car rental companies charge in Costa Rica. Making your reservation online in advance will also save you a large expense. There is plenty of space for you to park on our property. Travel by Air: From San Jose International Airport you can fly to Quepos on Sansa Airlines. These flights usually cost $60-$100. You will need to coordinate your main international flight separately from the Sansa flight through their website. Sansa only flies a few times per day so make sure to coordinate your international and local flight accordingly to ensure that they will work together. Find us on Google Maps
  • Should I be concerned about traveling to Costa Rica?
    Costa Rica is one of the safest Central American countries. The people are friendly, talkative, and live by the motto “pura vida”. However, as you would at home, keep your valuables close, and lock your car.
  • Should I be concerned about drinking the water?
    Our water is supplied by the springs from our own rainforest conservation lands, which is one of the cleanest watersheds left on earth. Our water is alive, vibrant, and healing.
  • What should I bring with me to Posada Natura?
    Upon registering for your retreat we will e-mail you a registration packet that includes a packing list.
  • Is internet access available? Can I use my cellphone and computer?
    Yes. We have high speed wifi in our common areas. Our sleeping areas do not have internet access. We ask our guests to use electronics for important matters only. Part of the healing energy we encourage is to reconnect to nature, quiet the mind, and listen to the heart. We ask you please keep use of electronics to a minimum to support the temple energy of our sanctuary, and to only use electronics in areas designated for their use.
  • Is Posada Natura family friendly?
    Yes. We are a family owned business. Posada Natura has always been a place where children have enjoyed the beauty of the natural world. We welcome children and families to enjoy this space with us, and are honored to be a place where families can come into deeper connection to one another and the earth.
  • How is Posada Natura involved in Rainforest Conservation? What is Eco Era?
    In 1991, our founders bought 1,000 acres of primary rainforest in the Cerro Nara Mountains of Costa Rica to protect it against deforestation and species extinction. This project became a 501(c) (3) called Eco Era. Since that time we have expanded our efforts to protect the full 7,500 acres of Cerro Nara and engage in ongoing reforestation efforts and species protection. Our retreats center is managed by Eco Era and all of our proceeds return to Eco Era so that we can continue to protect the rainforest. You can learn more about Eco Era here.
  • How can I support Posada Natura's efforts in Rainforest Conservation?
    We gratefully accept and appreciate donations to support our rainforest conservation efforts. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Eco Era, you can do so here.

PLUS You'll Become An Eco Era Rainforest Guardian

Image V2B-01.png

Posada Natura is operated by Eco Era, a U.S.-based non-profit (501c3). Established to protect & steward 7,500 acres of primary rainforest, adjacent to the retreat center, Eco Era and Posada Natura together provide opportunities for humans to heal through reconnection with nature.  

Located in the Cero Nara region of Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth, our bit of rainforest is part of a corridor that stretches unbroken from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea.

Your time with us wll be characterized by a deeply satisfying connection to yourself, to others in the group, to nature, and Source.

You'll become part of a growing family of people dedicated to reconnecting to themselves and the Earth. 

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Request More Info & Apply To Join

Please complete the form.


All information you provide enters our sacred container, and is treated with complete confidentiality.


As part of the retreat application process, an experienced plant medicine Discovery Guide will offer you a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call.


  • Explore your motivations and expectations for working with plant medicine.

  • Discuss issues of safety.

  • Share expectations around individual and group conduct.

  • Address any specific questions you may have.

  • Review logistics surrounding the retreat.

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