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Host Your Retreat
At Our Riverfront Paradise
Where Human Healing Meets Rainforest Conservation

We're here to ensure you revitalize your people while growing your business.

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A Few Words Describing A Place
Beyond Worlds

"Beyond my wildest dreams. I got more than I ever expected."

-Maricar M.

"I felt overwhelming love and compassion in every ceremony, and an incredible amount of safety."

-Michaela M.

"The most incredible 4 or 5 days I have ever had."

"There is a better place, and it's within you, it's not external. It takes work, but you can find it."

-Adam B.

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What Makes Posada Special For You

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Posada's retreat planning and on-site teams work with you to ensure your retreat will be a unforgettable success for your participants, for you and for your business (including our $10k To You Guarantee).

As a non-profit 501c3, we steward 7500 acres of primary rainforest. You and your people will become part of our family of Rainforest Gaurdians, working together to heal people, while conserving and regenerating one of the planet's most biodiverse areas.

Our 4-acre open-air retreat center's riverfront location creates an energtic deep vortex, with the vibrations from everpresent roar of the Rio Naranjo disolving everyday stresses away.

Your retreat will grant you full and exclusive access to Posada for the duration of your time with us.

Facilities include accommodations for up to 46 people, our newly refloored yoga shala overlooking the Rio Naranjo, a ceremonial temple, multiple lounge and dining areas, a pool, and lush jungle

Every inch of our facilities are 100% pure Costa Rica, built using local materials by local craftspeople, over the course of 30 years since our founding.

Astounding conscious cooking and family-style meals nourish body and soul

Holistic healing offerings include massage, sound healing, yoga, breathwork--you name it.

Our 7,500-acre rainforest preserve offers deep exploration and connection with Mother Earth.

Excursions available into the rainforest on foot (to multiple swimming holes or to our 100-foot waterfall), on horseback, or by car to the nearby beaches at Manuel Antonio or Dominical

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A Riverfront Retreat Under the
Rainforest Canopy

We gather at Posada Natura, on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica, a 45-minute drive from the popular beach towns of Manuel Antonio and Dominical.


An energetic paridise where human healing meets rainforest conservation, Posada rests on the banks of the mighty Rio Naranjo, one of cleanest rivers left on earth. It stands sentinel to and stewards 7,500 acres of protected, primary rainforest reserve. 

A Natural Sanctuary

Expansive gathering spaces, ceremonial temple, multiple practice areas, lounges and dining hall, and a freshwater pool are woven into lush tropical gardens along the river. 

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Harmonized Accommodations

Built with stone, wood, and bamboo from our land, our accomodations achieve the perfect balance between luxury and rustic, harmonizing with our land and creating a deeper experience of immersion into nature.​ 

Conscious Cooking

Local, organic farm to table cuisine! Three nutritious, wholesome meals served family each day. Seasonal fruits, herbs and roots from our garden, handmade tortillas, fresh home-made coconut milk, eggs from our chickens, cheese from our goats.

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Sacred Grounds

The grounds at our retreat center are a colorful garden of ancient trees, medicinal plants, fruit trees, flowers and animals of Costa Rica. Meandering pathways through the garden create a sense of expansiveness while remaining close to the common spaces. Various gathering sites are dispersed throughout that promote peaceful experiences connected with nature. The song of the forest is a chorus of wildlife that creates an experience of astounding mental clarity and calm presence at our healing center. Our grounds are truly a tangible discovery of the pulsing magic of life.

Nature Immersions

Nature immersions, and excursions through our conservation site on horseback, river rafting, or treks on foot for each event. Each experience at Posada Natura is woven into our 7,500-acre rainforest  conservation lands. The state of being connected with nature quiets the mind and significantly improves our physical and mental health. All humans are hardwired with an innate affinity for nature, because nature is the source our very existence.

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Holistic Offerings


If desired, we will organize bodywork, meditation, yoga, ritual &
spiritual practices.  

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Your Journey As A Host At Posada

We provide you with unmatched support at every phase required to ensure a successful retreat.


We begin with a free 30-minute phone call, to listen to and learn 
about each other, as a first step in forming a Partnership For Plenty.



Once our Partnership For Pletny is formalized, we work with you to envisage and plan your ideal retreat experience. 



From the moment your first guest arrives, our on-site team accomodates and supports.



Post-retreat, we work with you to. incorporating all learnings, so your next retreat can be even more powerful than the last.

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Posada's Partnership For Plenty
Our $10k To You Guarantee

Learn how we guarantee you a profit of at least $10k.

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The Leaders & People We Serve

Wellness Retreats

Spiritual Retreats

Teacher Trainings


Corporate Events

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In Service To Sleep

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Private Studio

Queen Bed

Private studio with queen bed. Private bathroom.


Private Balcony

Queen Bed

Private room with queen bed and balcany in a shared cabana.
Shared bathroom.


Private Room

Single or King Bed

Private room with single bed in a shared cabana.
Shared bathroom.

Cabin interior2.jpg

Private Studio

Queen Bed

Private studio with queen bed. Private bathroom.


Private Balcony

Queen Bed

Private room with queen bed and balcany in a shared cabana.
Shared bathroom.


Private Balcony

Queen Bed

Private room with queen bed and balcany in a shared cabana.
Shared bathroom.

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The Food We Serve

Our locally farmed food prepared by local chefs, served family-style
nourishes body and soul.

PLUS You'll Become An Eco Era Rainforest Guardian

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Posada Natura is operated by Eco Era, a 501c3  non-profit founded to protect  7,500 acresof  primary rainforest in the Cero Nara region of Costa Rica--one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth--while providing opportunities for people to heal through re-connecting to nature. When you visit, you become  part of an ever-growing family of Eco Era Rainforest Guardians.

Posada Natura



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